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Work information about HIV positive children adopted for care.

Gadhinglaj Branch include – Gadhinglaj, Ajara, Chandgad, Kagal & Karnataka border people.

Sr.No. Branch Location/City Started on No. of Kids adopted
1. Gadhinglaj 25 April 2017 30
2. Kolhapur city 19 February 2019 10
3. Pune 16 May 2019 20
4. Baramati 19 February 2019 10
5. Shahuwadi 19 February 2021 10
6. Ichalkaranji 09 July 2019 10
7. Panhala 19 February 2021 10
8. Gargoti 09 July 2019 10
Intensive care operations for these 100 children is now showing extremely positive development among this children’s life and it is a great opportunity to serve them & be part for their physical & mental development by providing nutrition kit, educational material & counselling.

On Internationals women’s day 2021, new sector of widows & pregnant women was added. Initially 10 aged widows above 60 years were selected for assisting monthly groceries. And special nutrition kit will be provided for HIV positive pregnant women in hope of getting HIV negative health baby.

The children & other patients are also assisted to get government grants from different schemes.


1. HIV awareness program are arranged at school & colleges for students.

2. Special & unique awareness program is arranged to aware adults. The cultural event is used as a medium to gather people and indirect HIV awareness is performed in this event. Such events are successfully conducted from two years with response of hundreds of audiences.

3. HIV awareness rally is carried out every year on World Aids Day with involvement of large number of students.

4. Essay competitions are conducted at school, college & university level.

5. Fundraising is also considered as HIV awareness. People in locality feel unlikely to speak on HIV as they are just aware of sexual source of infection. So, when they hear about small children suffering from this disease, people get eager to know more about this disease due to sympathy of infected orphan children. This way of awareness is found to be successful when analyzed past experience.

6. Buildup relations with all religious groups & leaders to solve the awareness problems.


1. The project was designed after detailed study of 2 years.

2. The children were segmented according to their financial condition, family status, age, gender & geographical area.

3. Govern body i.e., ART center was chosen as point of nutrition distribution & record maintenance by considering secrecy of child’s identity.

4. To avoid misuse of nutrition kit & find of project efficiency record book is maintained.

5. Record book consist of page for every individual kid consisting information about CD4 count, weight, height & signature of kid along with his personal details.

6. Dry nutrition kit is provided on monthly basis for each child


1. The selected children are provided with required educational materials.

2. The planning is done according to individual’s requirements.

3. Record is maintained in same record book of nutrition.