Hope Foundation


“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others”.


Plantation :

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Plantation of Trees

• Hundreds of trees were planted before rainy season.

• Trend of gifting plants on different occasion was started. At every event the guests are gifted with plant & book instead of flower bouquet.

• Distributed plants to various school to grown under school premises area.

• Also helped forest department of government to plant trees.

Rain Water Harvesting

• Created awareness about rain water harvesting among people to store & save ground water level.

• The awareness was also created with help of articles in regional newspapers.

Animal, Birds, Bees & Snakes

• By looking after issue of water availability for wild animals in Samangad Fort forest area, expansion of pond was done with help of regional social activist & government officers.

• Awareness in created to keep water & feed along shed for birds in summer season as bids find difficult to get access towards food & water in this season.

• For bee conservation organization has initiated growth and distribution of flowering plants at different locaties with help of different people and organizations.

• Exhibition of posters was arranged which included information of different types of snakes. It included knowledge of poisonous & nonpoisonous snakes, primary snake bite treatment & other required information.

Pollution control

• The festival of Diwali in India is the festival of light, but in modern era people have made it festival of crackers, which creates lot of air & noise pollution.

• Therefore, awareness was created among school going students by visiting schools, conducting awareness rally, etc.

• River pollution- along with making people aware about this problem riverbank cleanliness program is also conducted every year with help of Municipality workers.

• Silence zone – with assistance of Police and local Government bodies, school areas were converted into silence zone.

Cleanliness Program

• Public place- there is lot of garbage scattered after religious fair therefore, cleanliness activity is carried out after event every year.

• Cleanliness program at village level was performed.