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Our Founders Story

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

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The young boys’ dedication and motivation was appreciated by the society which developed him to critically understand the problems in the society and provide aid to it. It also made him tough to think against the ongoing ill-mannered practices which eventually lead to a revolutionary journey of his social life. ‘’When I set foot into college, I was acknowledge about HIV infected children by a senior journalist. The effect of their unfortunate life disturbed my mind and lead to several questions like how can an innocent life be infected by such a threatening virus????And most importantly what can I do to help them in their infortune???? How can I bring HOPE in their life???? At this point, I dug deep into this isolated sector by interacting with doctors, religious leaders, politicians, government officials, journalist and most importantly the patients of this unfortunate illness and found out the miserable situation of these children. The main reason for neglecting this unprivileged group of people is fear caused by lack of awareness about the science of this disease.

The heart touching circumstances of HIV positive children motivated me and my friends to set up a project dedicated towards their betterment by adopting 20 children in Gadhinglaj town (India) in the year 2018. This sow the roots of HOPE FOUNDATION with a vision of prospering thousands of needy children of such kind where ever and whenever needed. After higher secondary, the members of the Hope Foundations were scattered to various cities for their further study goals which offered us a great opportunity to expand our project in 5 different locations and earn the prestige of providing parenting responsibility to 100 children within a short time span of 1 year.

In the challenging era of Covid-19, it was difficult to operate in the lockdown situation but by the gods will alongside the assistance of local government bodies’ immense care and attention was reached to each and every child which proved the dedication of the team Hope in turning the impossible into possible. Today I am blessed to serve the society since 10 years and providing ‘Hope’ to a hundred children. I aspire to dedicate myself towards social services for the rest of my life along with team Hope to flourish the seed of "Hope into a blossomed tree".

Name - Nachiket Narendra Bhadrapur
Post - President Hope Foundation
Contact- hopefoundationgad@gmail.com