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The project Krushi is project developed for better life of farmers. In developing & under developed countries farmers face lot of farming problems due to unprofessional approach & lack of knowledge. This also leads to farmers sucide. to have an impact on the large farming sector of India & Africa president of Hope foundation has completed his education in India & Netherlands (VHL University) to solve the problems of farmers. This shows the dedication of Hope towards farmers development.
• Presently organization is conducting activities like first aid kit box for farmers. Along with this, working area of organization has critical problem of death due to snake bite, therefore, organization has developed 'Zero snake bite death' project and is gaining positive impact.

• Bamboo project – to prevent land sliding/soil erosion at riverside land/farm bamboo cultivation is promoted.

• The seasonal farm labor’s children are assisted with educational material as they are away from educational stream due fluctuation of work place & poverty.

• The farmers suicide is major problem of Indian agriculture sector. And that’s the only reason to choose the bachelor’s education in agriculture field as it provides exposure to developing country like India & developed country like the Netherlands.