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It is mission to bring revolutionary change in Indian educational sector. The mission solgan is ‘Vidya- beyond the theory’ it emphasis on quality education considering practical & up-to-date knowledge to each & every student regardless of his age, gender, geographical boundaries or financial status.

• About more than 5000 books were distributed to students, teachers, friends, guests along with different libraries in the past eleven years.

• Modern library is also developed at Hope office for everyone including books, audio books & visual books which can be assiciable to blind, dumb & deaf or people sufferning from weak eyesight.

• Initially few Government schools from Maharashtra, India have been adopted by Hope to bring drastic change with different learning environment. The main aim of this project is to break down the gap between education standard maintained in previous education system of Gurukul (ancient India) and modern education system.

• Increase interest of Academic Education amongst children of migrant Farm labors in Maharashtra state as they stay away from educational stream.